Candidates are mobile, so why aren’t you?

In the world we live in today, we have become accustomed to doing everything on the go and expect companies to respond to this growing trend.

So, why should it be any different for jobseekers?

An increasing number of candidates are using their mobile to search and apply for jobs online. Convenience, quickness and opportunity are just a few of the main reasons stated by candidates for this increased usage. Many find that it allows them to be one step ahead by enabling them to apply quickly for newly advertised positions and to maintain privacy whilst searching for new opportunities.

As jobseekers’ needs are changing, recruitment methods must evolve with them.  Candidates are more likely to stay on websites that are mobile responsive, as it makes their job search and the application process much easier and quicker.

Here are our recommendations for staying one step ahead in the mobile age:

  • Reduce Bounce Rate

If your site isn’t mobile friendly your bounce rate will be much higher than it would be on your desktop sites, as candidates who are using their mobile device to navigate the site will give up if they find the user experience too time consuming.  This can leave your candidates with a negative impression of your brand and can have the negative effect of encouraging them to use competitors instead.

  • Optimise your site

Businesses whose careers sites are not mobile friendly are missing out on top candidates by providing a poor candidate experience. They need to take the time to invest in their site properly to ensure it’s fully optimised and not just skimming the surface. The best mobile sites are ones which allow the candidate to complete the entire process without switching device.

  • Be compatible

Sites should be compatible with iOS and Android to ensure all candidates can use them, no matter what mobile device they’re accessing from.

  • Send timely communications

With most jobseekers using their mobiles in the evening, be sure to schedule social media updates and emails promoting the vacancies on your careers site around the same time.

If you need help making your site responsive, then why not give us a call? Our specialist team can provide tailored career pages bespoke to your website.

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