Get more conversions on your company careers page

Don’t let your hard work go to waste with a less than impressive company careers page!

Your recruitment strategy may have worked wonders with your advertising channels driving candidates to your careers site, however the site often fails to convert quality applicants. Too many companies admit that although they receive applications for jobs, they’re rarely the right candidates.

Why is this?

A careers site is the heart of an employer’s brand and therefore must convey the company’s core principles/vision and culture. Remember, this page is probably the first and last chance to make a lasting impression…make sure it’s the right kind with a welcoming and engaging page that shows what the company is all about. By doing so, candidates will see if they are suited to the company as well as the position available which helps increase quality conversions.

Other key messages to encourage conversion include:

  • Loyalty– What does your business do to maintain happy and loyal employees? Is there any careers development or job security.
  • Credible– Explain what candidates can expect during your recruitment process. Provide information about the company. Be honest about what your company goals are and how you are going to achieve them. Provide job details such as who the candidate will work for and their key objectives.
  • Motivate- What are the perks of working for your business/what makes it great?

Companies should view their careers site as a core part of their overall site and not a section that’s been tagged on. With this in mind, the navigation and functionality of the page should be on par with the existing site. Making the page visually appealing should not be underestimated, as candidates are more engaged and should be excited about the prospect of working there. Photos of the company and its employees are a great way to build interest and help the candidate picture themselves working for the company.

To help candidates find that perfect job match, don’t hide the open vacancies at the bottom of the page. Instead, keep them in a prominent position so candidates can easily find them. A job search panel with filters such as function and salary would be the best option to use as this make job searching much easier and keeps candidates engaged for longer. However remember to update your page with new vacancies and remove those that have been filled. Also consider how your applicants and potential candidates are communicated to, for instance offering job alerts is a great way for interested candidates to be kept up to date.

Your careers site can also be used to build a talent pool. Encourage candidates to leave behind their details should a vacancy arise by registering to your careers site. You could also post articles for them to download to capture further details.

For further information and guidance on integrating careers sites with your website or improving your existing site, get in touch with our team today and see how they can help you.


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