Increase conversions with 5 simple job advert writing tips

Creating the perfect job advert is half the battle to filling a vacancy with the right candidates. Using our 5 simple tips, we’ll help you write your advert so suitable candidates find your role and can quickly evaluate if they are suitable for the position.

  • Job Title:

When writing the job title, remember it MUST be suitable to the position. It shouldn’t be too long, misleading or cause confusion. This is the first thing a candidate sees and if the job role doesn’t match the title, it will be shown to the wrong candidates. Also worth noting, most jobseekers will search by ‘job title’ so if an obscure title is used, it won’t appear in the search results.  

Be specific and use the job title to demonstrate the main requirements of the role, e.g. ‘Events and Sponsorship Manager’ rather than ‘Marketing Manager’, if that is the role’s focus.

  • Short description

This should provide a nice intro to the job and your company with the aim of capturing the candidate’s attention. It should only be a couple of sentences long.

  • Job description

This should provide an overview of your company; the position/qualities needed from a candidate and details of the job role i.e. day-to-day tasks.

Open with a couple of strong, attention-grabbing sentences to demonstrate to the  jobseeker what makes the company a special place to work and why this job is a great opportunity for them.

Talk about the day-to-day aspects of the role. If the candidate is expected to be on the phone for 50% of their working day, let them know.

It’s also good to add details such as: how the team works, the company culture, ideal qualities in a candidate and future progression. Telling a candidate who they will be reporting to and who will be reporting to them will give them a better idea of how the role fits within the overall company structure.

Additional information such as employee benefits, contract hours, next steps in the recruitment process, and pay would be well worth including.

Break up paragraphs with empty lines to make your description easy to read.

Finish by asking the candidates to apply using the selected method (e.g. “Attach a cover letter and CV by using the application form below”, “Click the ‘Apply’ button below to apply online”).

  • Location

Adding a location will immediately help the candidate decide if the job is suitable or not and will also help candidates find the role when searching.  Provide the specific job location where possible. Broad locations like “National” or “UK” don’t tend to perform as well.

  • Salary

A salary should always be added as candidates frequently use this criteria to search for jobs. If a specific salary can’t be added, a salary band will suffice or at least ensure you have a reference in the advert e.g. competitive pay.

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