How do you impress your interviewer?

Once the small talk is out the way, here are some tips that will help you impress your interviewer. Handshake: Handshakes are always difficult to judge, but offer a firm handshake with no more than one or two pumps.  Shake like you want to be there! Confidence can be shown by simply smiling and hold a good amount Read More

Taming the CV ‘Beast’

Let’s be honest – searching for a job can be stressful. We’ve all done it. It usually starts with countless cups of coffee, many lists and ends with more stress and worry, than you began with. Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools to apply for a job – ‘The average Read More

Surf your way through online assessments

As if job searching wasn’t hard enough… Companies will often throw another spanner into the works. Some jobs applications may also require you to fill in an online assessment form to accompany your CV and Covering Letter. There is no need to cry on the inside or the outside for that matter – we’ve got Read More