Surf your way through online assessments

As if job searching wasn’t hard enough…

Companies will often throw another spanner into the works.

Some jobs applications may also require you to fill in an online assessment form to accompany your CV and Covering Letter.

There is no need to cry on the inside or the outside for that matter – we’ve got it covered.

Why do companies use online assessments?

  • To get to know ‘you’
  • Are you right for the job?
  • Gather information about previous work history
  • Learn about your achievements
  • What attracts you to the job role


Top Tips:

  • Read the questions carefully – don’t be embarrassed to read them out loud! It helps.
  • Write your first draft separately to the online form – this way if the online form times out or your internet decides to stop working – this always happens at the wrong moment – you are safe!
  • By writing in a separate document – you can start to create a bank of solid answers that can be used in other applications.
  • Don’t waffle! Keep your answers brief and concise.
  • Be passionate! For example: If you are applying for a chef role and you love cooking – show the employer that you are passionate.
  • Include key job verbs: – some employees look for these key words and may not consider taking your application further if you don’t include them.
  • Don’t fall at the last hurdle! Check your answers for spelling and grammar.
  • Cut and paste your answers onto the form – make sure you read through your answers after copying and pasting.


Stuck? Not sure what to write?

Use the STAR (R) Method:

Situation- Describe the situation – explain the background for your story.

Task – What was your task? What was required of you?

Action/Activity – What action did you take? What did you actually do?

Result – What happened?  How did it play out? Mention the result, employers are often interested in results driven people.

(Reflection) – Sometimes it may be appropriate to say that you reflected  on what happened and what you learnt for the future.

If you do all of the above when completing an online job questionnaire – you are on the right track!

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